Business of Property Investing

Create a lifetime of passive income!

( 2 Day Programme)

Many people treat property investing as a side project or a paid hobby and as a result they get hobby like results.

After attending BPI you’ll learn how to become a ‘professional’ property investor.

You will learn

  • How to buy property in a tax efficient way so you save tons of money

  • How to write a killer business plan so that you know exactly what you need to do and never feel out of your depth

  • How to negotiate like a master so that you can secure below market value deals

  • How to create a power team so you can systemize your business and create a passive income

  • How to brand yourself as an expert so everyone is queueing to do business with you

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2020 Dates

March 20th and 21st
May 5th and 6th
July 7th and 8th
September 15th and 16th
November 11th and 12th

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